"The Dispatch Management Platform for SMEs in NZ"

Mother Trucking Dispatch Management

What we do

Driving your business forward.

In order to give you a competitive edge Mother Trucking gives you the tools you need for your fleet, like real-time updates, actionable insights, and resource management (think Hiabs and Pilots). Reduce downtime and increase value today.

By truckers, for truckers

Just like you, we bleed diesel. We dispatch early in the morning and are out with drivers on the job. We understand what it takes to keep your team running smoothly and feel the frustrations of clunky software. That's why Mother Trucking is tailored for small to medium-sized fleets because, without you, there's no trucking.

Visual Dispatching.

You don’t have to navigate a planning screen resembling an Excel sheet again! Now you can drag and drop jobs onto a visual calendar, and move them around with ease. See in real-time jobs update and change, and easily figure out where your last-minute bookings can go!

Audit Trails

Nobody likes paperwork. With Mother Trucking, you can add as much detail to a job as you want, including any changes, taking photos, and adding attachments. Your drivers can also use these on their mobile devices or tablets.

Why us?

Mother Trucking Main Competitors
Myob & Xero connectors.
The Ability to run your fleet from your phone (if you want to).
Ability to plan Inspections, pilot vehicle, wideloads, splitloads, etc.
Automatically sync on all devices.
Drag n Drop, visual dispatch planning.
Job history visible for drivers.
Realtime job progress for dispatch.
Attachments that work offline.
View colleagues that are on the same job as you.
Timesheet transparency with activity logs.
GPS api connectors.
Works on all platforms: Desktop, tablet, mobile, windows, mac, android, iOS.

We have awards too

People’s Choice Award Winner & HTK Group te Puawai Award

Electrify C1 2023
Ministry of Awesome.Callaghan Innovation.
People’s Choice Award Winner.HTK Group te Puawai Award.
Christchurch, New Zealand.

People’s Choice Award Winner

Rise up 2023
Soda Inc.Callaghan Innovation.
People’s Choice Award Winner.
Hamilton, New Zealand.

"The Dispatch Management Platform for SMEs in NZ"