NZ's Smart Lifting and Shifting Platform.

Mother Trucking Logistics Software

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Stop Bleeding Money

Mother Trucking helps you understand the cost of jobs in real-time, so you can be confident in your pricing of them.

Is Your Cab the Office?

Manage everything from planning to invoicing on the go with our mobile app!

Audit Trails...

We all hate them, but without them, it's easy to be taken for a ride. Create your own digital trail to manage disputes and prove compliance.

One Solution

SMBs in Lifting and Shifting have been left to find "work-arounds", Often resulting in mutliple platform costs. One of our missions is to help you reclaim control of your business with one solution.


Desktop Mobile
Drag and drop, visual planning.
Plan and manage assets as groups.
Build your own compliance forms
Individually plan and manage assets
Pricebooks per Client
Complete and submit forms and inspections
Cloud based software
Timesheets with activity logs.
Works on ALL devices.

We have awards too

People’s Choice Award Winner & HTK Group te Puawai Award

Electrify C1 2023
Ministry of Awesome.Callaghan Innovation.
People’s Choice Award Winner.HTK Group te Puawai Award.
Christchurch, New Zealand.

People’s Choice Award Winner

Rise up 2023
Soda Inc.Callaghan Innovation.
People’s Choice Award Winner.
Hamilton, New Zealand.

NZ's Smart Lifting and Shifting Platform.

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